Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Bill Miller comments on Legg Mason Value Trust's recent performance

The venerable Bill Miller of Legg Mason has issued comments on the recent lackluster performance of his Legg Mason Value Trust fund. The Reuters article refers to Miller as "widely regarded as America's best stock picker." The fund which has beaten the S&P each of the last 15 years, has experienced some hiccups because of hits to some of its tech names (Amazon and Yahoo). The article also cites the fund's exposure to UnitedHealth, which has seen its shares tumble after an extended rally. UNH's troubles began when the SEC started investigating if the Company was issuing options to directors when the stock was at or near low points.

The Reuters article does not mention the troubles the the fund will have given the precipitous dive Kodak took yesterday. Miller has been a vocal supporter of Kodak and was one of the most cited supporters in Barron's piece covering the company.


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