Friday, July 28, 2006

World Series of Poker Main Event to be available via Pay Per View

The World Series of Poker's Main Event has begun with a bang. 8,600 entrants according to an AP article, but that number is going up and up as more people get in off of the wait-list. It is truly an amazing number and the fact that there is a wait-list to get into the event obviously means that any final number underestimates the true demand among poker players to test their ability against the world's greatest.

The anticipation looms for all of us following the tourney at home. In the past, you had to avoid the news sites or risk seeing who the winner of the tournament is before ESPN showed the event in September or October or whenever they show it. ESPN has already started showing the Circuit Events and will show some of other WSOP events leading up the main event over the course of the next few months. This year however, it seems that ESPN will allow viewers to watch the final table via ESPN pay per view. This could be yet another gauge of just how popular poker is getting among Americans.


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