Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Back from Vegas

Im back from the 8 day excursion to Las Vegas. The trip was labelled a "poker trip" and it the experience lived up to its billing. For the week we were there, we played, lived, and breathed poker for 18 hours a day, ate for 2 hours a day, and got what little time there was for sleep in between. I finished the trip down about $300 but I felt like I had become a much better poker player in the process. Watching the World Series of Poker event for a little bit on one of the days was a pretty cool experience as well. It's good to be back, although the vicious market swing put a sour note on things. Being at home for a while means I get to watch CNBC and follow the tape, which of course has been red mostly. Yahoo!'s report was brutal, so im not expecting much tomorrow (Wed the 19th).


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