Friday, May 05, 2006

NASDAQ - LSE - NYSE - Euronext - Deutsche Boerse saga continues

The Nasdaq - LSE sage continues, and the other players, continue to be part of the storyline as well.

Forbes had a nice article outlining the whole situation.

The big news from Nasdaq was that it upped its ownership in the LSE to 18.7%. This is being viewed as a way for Griefeld and Company to stop other bidders from encroaching on the hot property in the clubby land of financial exchanges.

The speculation with NYSE continues because Thain and the Boys announced that the once old-line firm was looking at strategic acquisitions. Speculators, and there are many, are conjecturing that possible targets could be Euronext, the CME, the ISE, or even yet, the LSE.

The Wall Street Journal article yesterday had a similar analysis as Forbes


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